What are the Different Types of Nuts?

The world is altering with each passing day, new dimensions to the methodology can be readily witnessed. Owing to the latest technology and related advancements, the aspiration of building a better world leap forward. Therefore, when we discuss buildings and infrastructure, nuts and bolts play the key role in keeping material intact together and in the right position. While it is significant to pick the right nut or bolt, choosing the wrong product may result in the collapse of the whole set-up, infra, or system.

In India, there is an abundance of flange nuts, dome nuts, round nuts, or square nut manufacturers. However, availing the right product from the right place is highly crucial. So, today we're discussing here the different forms of nuts.

Flange Nuts

It is a kind of nut that has a broad flange at one end that serves as a combined washer that controls moving or spinning. Also, the flange distributes the force or pressure of the nut, making it much more secure and locking it tightly.

Nylock Nuts

These types of nuts feature a nylon collar in the upper part of the nut that seals the nut in place. Moreover, it helps tighten the threads of the bold, making it strong and friction-free.

Dome Nuts

Also called cap nuts or acorn nuts, these are shaped-in domes to prevent their connection with the external thread. In addition, these are used for aesthetics to conceal threaded rods as well as caps for mechanical screws placed in architectural work.

Tee Nuts

A Tee nut or T-nut is usually used to join wood or composite board that leaves a flush surface. It is a long-thin body with a flange at one end and it resembles a T. It often has 3 to 4 prongs-like structures that fit into the surface offering better retention.

Wing Nut

As the name suggests, these nuts are threaded with wings on both sides of the body providing assistance in manual rotation and installation. It offers easier assembly or removal of the nut.

Hex Nuts

These are available in a wide range with the shape of a hexagon. Thus, it has six sides and is used with bolts, screws, and shackles. Furthermore, it is helpful in connecting metal and wood components to evade movements.

Square Nuts

It is a four-sided nut. Square nut manufacturers develop a large number of nuts that have a larger surface in contact with the part being enjoined. It is further known to offer higher resistance to loosening and is used with flat washers to avert any damage from its sharp edges.

So, here's the list of different kinds of fasteners nuts available in the market. Moreover, for the best quality products at affordable rates, you can count on Sturdfix. It is the organization serving thousands of customers across the globe with its immaculate range of products assisting commercial and domestic construction or buildings.