What are the different forms of popular Threaded Rods?

In simple words, a threaded rod is a metal rod that is threaded from one end to another. Therefore, it is also known as an all-thread rod, threaded bar, threaded rod, etc.

Furthermore, it is available in a wide variety of kinds, sizes, lengths, and materials. Thus, it is highly recognized as the most versatile product available for fastening or joining materials altogether. Also, it is majorly used to fasten wood, concrete, or metal objects to add strength & stability. Lastly, it sometimes serves purposes in plumbing applications.

Threaded rods can be used across different industries ranging from agricultural, construction, electrical, sanitary, and others. Hence, besides suppliers, there is a high number of thread rod exporters in India.

Moreover, this article sheds light on various kinds of threaded rods. Read on!

Acme Threaded Rods

These rods are highly used in construction applications. Acme threaded rods are installed in concrete slabs and used as epoxy anchors. It has a high load-bearing capacity. Besides it, Threaded Rods are used in HVAC Fittings, Downceiling, Air Conditioning Fittings, and Solar Fittings, etc.

Threaded Rod 4.6/5.8

It is also called a stud, a threaded rod. Furthermore, it is a metal fastener and is crafted of stainless-steel threaded end to end. It is particularly useful in applications where force is applied.

B7 Threaded Rod

It is highly resistant to high-temperature and high-pressure applications. B7 threaded rod is popular due to its good strength, tensile, and massive heat resistance. Lastly, these strong rods offer dependable toughness and endurance in several structural applications.

Double Ended Threaded Rod

Double-end threaded rods are extensively available in equal or unequal lengths. It is evenly threaded with similar amounts of threads at each end. Also, these are available in several measurements - b1 (6 to 24) and b2 (18 to 54).


It is a fastener that functions perfectly for tightening action from the point of view of rotational movement. It assists in fixing bolts and nuts to readily fasten or enjoin it. Furthermore, the hardness can be increased by heat treatment. It can increase its stiffness, strength, and forceful resistance.

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